Good news to everyone! One Nigerian recycling plant chose our recycling machines for their PET bottles. The PET bottle recycling line has been shipped to Nigeria now.

Nigerian PET bottle washing shredding machines introduction

Plastic bottle delableing machine: Label removers use rotating drums and blades to help peel PVC labels from PET bottles.

Plastic bottle crusher: Plastic Bottle Shredders are used to cut the entire PET bottle into smaller pieces, which helps to reduce the size of the material for subsequent washing.

Plastic float washing tank: This involves a series of washing steps to remove stains and other impurities from the PET flakes. It usually includes soaking, which separates the different plastics by floating them through the water and the density of the plastic.

Plastic friction washing machine: Plastic bottle pieces are passed inside the machine through high-speed rotating rubbers and water jet nozzles to remove dirt and stains.

Hot water washing tank for PET flakes: Hot washing machines use high-temperature water, detergents, or lye to deep clean PET flakes, removing oils, glues, and other stubborn stains and ensuring that residual impurities and dirt are removed.

Horizontal dewatering machine: This machine is used to remove excess water from the PET flakes to ensure that the recycled PET flakes are dry.

Video of Nigerian PET bottle washing shredding machines

When customization meets customer needs, we’re more than willing to make it happen. Recently, we provided a special service for a customer in Nigeria. They wanted our machines to match their company’s logo and color scheme. Our team not only painted the machines in the green shade they desired but also added the customer’s branding. We filmed a video of the machines to ensure their satisfaction.

Start your recycling factory now!

Now, these customized machines have safely made their way to Nigeria, supporting the customer’s business. This is an example of our commitment to offering highly personalized solutions for our customers. Whatever your needs may be, we’re here to make it work.

Contact us via the below table, we will contact you within 24 hours and send you the machine details.