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This plastic recycling granulating line is mainly used for the recycling and granulation of hard waste plastics. The main equipment of this plastic recycling plant includes plastic crushing machine, washing tank, dryer, plastic pelletizer, storage bin, and so on. Shuliy Group can match different plastic recycling machines according to customers’ different conditions, like raw materials, site area, etc., and help customers design their plants and arrange the machine display reasonably.

Raw materials of plastic granulation line

This PP PE barrel drum recycling plant is designed by Shuliy machinery, which is used to recycle and granulate hard plastic materials. Therefore, the common raw materials are all hard plastics, such as plastic baskets made of PE and PP, plastic buckets, plastic oil drums, chemical storage tanks, plastic pipes, plastic bottles and other containers.

Process of plastic recycling granulating line

Plastic Shredder Machine

Plastic crusher

In the plastic recycling granulating line, the PP PE drum crusher is used to crush waste plastic products into small pieces with low noise and no residue during the crushing process. In addition, the blades have a long service life and low maintenance cost. This plastic crusher has been well received by customers.

rinsing tank

Rinsing tank

The rinsing tank is made of high-quality stainless steel and is used to clean the broken plastic pieces. There are many tines in the tank that will keep turning the plastic to remove the stains.

horizontal dryer

Plastic drying machine

A horizontal plastic drying machine is used for drying plastic flakes. The machine has a high degree of dewatering, high dewatering rate, and low electricity consumption, which is ideal for the plastic granulation line.

plastic extruder machine

Plastic pelletizer

The plastic pelletizer is the most central piece of equipment in the plastic barrel recycling line, using the most advanced pelletizing technology. We have many different models for you to choose from, such as small output ones for small recycling plants, and also large output machines for larger capacities.

3D video of plastic granulation line

The 3D video shows the complete processing of the plastic recycling granulating line.

Factory display of plastic recycling granulating line

FAQs of plastic recycling plant

What is the output of the plastic drum recycling line?

Shuliy machinery can offer a capacity of 100-500kg/h. We have different granulating unit models, such as SL-125, SL 160, SL180, SL-220, and so on. All models are available now and can be chosen by customers’ demand.

What are the differences between plastic bag recycling and plastic barrel recycling?

Three are three differences between the above recycling lines. To begin with, because the weight of plastic films is small, it is not easy for them to drop into granulator initiatively. Therefore, our plant will provide a force feeder on the granulator. However, if your raw materials are PP PE barrels or drums with a certain weight, there is no need to use a force feeder.

Secondly, the drying machine for soft plastic-like films is a vertical type, drying machine for hard plastics is a horizontal one. Last but not least, the crushers for those two materials are different too.

What are the accessory equipment of the plastic recycling granulating line?

Except for the main machines, there are also some accessory devices in the plastic granulation line. They are automatic conveyors, plastic cooling tanks, pellet cutting machines, waste gas filters, and pellets storage bins. If you need the above machines, welcome to communicate with our sales managers.

Success case of plastic granulation line

Our customer from Ghana purchased our plastic pelletizer for his plastic recycling plant. He collected a large number of used PP barrels and need to crush and then granulate them. The final plastic pellets will be sold to the international recycled plastic market.

successful case of plastic granulation line
successful case
packing and delivery of plastic granulator
packing and delivery

Sales service of plastic recycling granulating line

  1. Shuliy Group will provide a solution for plastic recycling granulating line within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry. After the customer and sales manager confirm every detail, the final order is placed and Shuliy’s factory arranges for the delivery of the equipment, and if the customer has special customization requirements, we arrange for quick delivery after the equipment is manufactured.
  2. Our sales manager will accompany the customer throughout the process of acceptance of the equipment, and assist the customer in the installation of the plastic recycling machine and other auxiliary machines.
  3. If customers have installation difficulties, our company sends technical personnel to the customer’s site to guide the installation. Then our engineer will train the local operator to use it.
  4. We always try our best to serve our customers, except for wearing parts, shuliy company provides a 1-year warranty and other after-sales services for plastic recycling granulating line.