Shuliy Machinery has exported a set of plastic recycling machines to Ghana recently, including plastic granulators, a pellet cutting machine, and so on. They need to granulate their recycled plastic foam, now the plastic machines have arrived in Ghana, and our customer took a feedback video of the pelletizing process.

Why did Ghana customers choose Shuliy plastic granulator?

Shuliy has been manufacturing and developing plastic recycling machines for more than a decade. We specialize in manufacturing environmentally friendly machines for recycling. We not only provide our customers with high-quality machines but also support our customers with customized plastic recycling solutions. Among them, plastic pellet machines, plastic crushers, plastic washing machines and other single machines are popular among our customers.

Loading and delivery of plastic granulator machines

The following pictures are the recycling equipment bought by our customers in Ghana. The regular color of our machine is usually white and red. Shuliy machinery also supports to design and customizes of the color of the machine for customers.

packing and delivery of recycling machines
packing and delivery of recycling machines
plastic granulator machine sent to Ghana
plastic granulator machine sent to Ghana

Parameters of Ghana recycling machines

These are the specific technical parameters of plastic recycling machines bought by Ghana customers.

Host granulator machineModel: SL-150
Power: 37kw
2.3m screw
Heating method: Ceramic heating
Reducer:500hardened gear reducer
Second granulator machineModel: SL-140
1.3m screw
Heating ring
Reducer:400hardened gear reducer
Grinding head:350-round electric grinder(2.2kw)
Screw material: 40Cr(High hardness and wear resistance)
Barrel material: 45# steel
Pellet cutting machineModel SL-180
Power: 3KW
With inverter
Hob knives
Electric control cabinetBrand-name electric appliance1
Ceramic heaterspare set1

Feedback video of Ghana pelletizing process

After receiving the plastic granulator machines, customers in Ghana began to use them to produce plastic pellets. The final products are ideal and exactly what they want. After production, our customers sent us the plastic pellet machine working video and told us they are satisfied with the output of the machine, and the granulator machines operated smoothly and very efficiently.