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The PP PE plastic granulating line is also called the plastic pelletizing line. It is used to recycle various common plastic films in daily life, including plastic packaging bags, pp raffia bags, plastic woven bags, plastic films for agriculture, etc. This plastic granulating line is very popular in the international market owing to its economic benefit and prospects.

plastic granulating line
plastic granulating line

Introduction of plastic pelletizing line

The main materials of plastic waste are PP, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PS, PVC, and so on. The entire pelletizing line includes crushing, cleaning, and granulation of waste plastics. The main plastic bag recycling machine in the plastic granulating line has a plastic crushing and washing machine, rinsing tank, dehydrators, plastic granulators, cooling tanks, and pellet cutting machines. The equipment of the plastic recycling line can be flexibly configured according to the raw materials and needs of customers.

Common raw materials of plastic granulating line

  • Plastic bags. Plastic bags are essential items in people’s daily lives, often used to contain food and other daily items, and they can often be seen in grocery stores and supermarkets. They are widely used because of their cheapness, extremely lightweight, large capacity and easy storage.
  • The agricultural film is used in the agricultural production of plastic film, for the plant growth period of moisture, and insulation plays a very important role. With the progress of science and technology, a variety of new films continue to appear, and their use of scope and number of more and more extensive.
  • Woven bags are generally white in color, non-toxic and odorless, and are commonly used in the food industry and travel and transportation industries. Woven bags are generally made of PP or PE, which are more environmentally friendly and have a greater recycling effort.

Final plastic pellets of plastic recycling machines

Recycled plastic pellets are mainly differentiated into grades according to the different raw materials used and the characteristics of the processed plastic pellets, which are generally divided into first, second and third-grade materials.

  1. The high quality of the first-grade material refers to the raw materials used for the quality is also better or not used plastic, to these processed plastic pellets transparency is better, its quality can be compared with the new material.
  2. If the raw materials have been used once, but the use the process is not after the wind and the sun, its quality is also very good, and the quality of the recycled pellets is also good, these plastic pellets are secondary materials.
  3. The raw material has been used many times and then granulated, the toughness and glossiness of the plastic pellets will be a little worse, these are tertiary materials.

Introduction video of plastic granulating line

The video shows the plastic recycling machines stocked in our factory, our sales manager Sunny will introduce you to the whole plastic pelletizing line.

Machine to recycle plastic of plastic granulating line

PET plastic crusher

Plastic crushing and washing machine

This grinding machine to recycle plastic mainly suitable for plastic film crushing and cleaning. It is characterized by directly cleaning the plastic fragments after crushing the plastic, with high efficiency. There is a rotating cutter inside the crusher, and the cutter is specially treated to crush the soft material into small pieces in a short time. Blades can be reground for durability. The machine is a closed hermetic design for high safety.

rinsing tank

Rinsing tank

The rinsing tank is mainly used to remove dirt from plastic materials. It is made of stainless steel or iron plates. There are several toothed agitators installed in the upper part of the machine, which forces the plastic pieces forward.

vertical dewatering machine

Vertical type dewatering machine

A vertical dewatering machine is drying the cleaned plastic sheet. Inside the vertical dewatering machine is a spiral feeding device, which uses strong centrifugal force to throw out the moisture from the material during the spiral conveying process.

plastic extruder machine

Plastic granulator

A plastic granulator is the most important plastic recycling machine in the plastic granulating line. It will realize granulation by melting plastic at a high temperature and then extruding it into long strips. The dried plastic chips are melted by the heating system of the plastic granulator, flow out from the outlet of the main machine, and then enter the auxiliary machine. Under the extrusion of the auxiliary machine, it is extruded from the die of the machine head.

cooling tank

Cooling tank

The cooling tank is made of stainless steel, which does not rust or corrode. It is mainly used to cool the soft ribbon material extruded from the plastic granulator to harden it.

pellet cutting machine

Pellet cutting device

A plastic pellet cutting machine will cut plastic strips into plastic pellets, the size of the pellets can be adjusted, which is an indispensable machine for the plastic granulating line.

Features of PP PE plastic granulating line

  • The plastic recycling machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for recycling and processing PP/PE waste plastic film, PP/PE plastic garbage mix, waste PP cement bags, space bags, household garbage plastic, waste agricultural greenhouse film, industrial packaging film, shopping bags, etc.
  • The plastic granulating line mainly consists of a film crusher, a cleaning pool, a drying machine, a plastic pellet machine and other equipment, the whole set of equipment is highly automated, and only one employee is needed to operate the whole process, saving labor costs.
  • The PP PE plastic granulating line has low energy consumption and high production efficiency, and the recycled plastic pellets produced have smooth surfaces and uniform size, which can reach the market standard.

3D video of plastic pelletizing line

How to make plastic pellets?

Parameter of PP PE plastic granulating line

NO.ItemTechnical data
Size: Length 5m
Width 0.8m
2PP PE crusher Model:1000
Power :37kw+11kw
Capacity :1000kg/h
3Belt Conveyor  Power:1.5kw
Size : (L) 4m* (W) 0.6mm
4Automatic Feeder  Power:3kw
5Main Plastic GranulatorModel: SL-260
Screw diameter : 260mm 
Screw length:3.6m
Motor: 110kw 
6Vice Plastic GranulatorModel: SL-220
Screw diameter : 220mm
Screw length: L1.6m
Motor :22+18.5kw
7Pellet Cutting Machine  Model:LY-F300
Capacity: 800kg/h  
8Plastic Pellet Bagging Machine  Power:1.5kw
Size :1000*1200*1100mm

Plastic granulator and other machine to recycle plastic in our plant

Machine to recycle plastic shipped to Germany

Germany is one of the best countries in the world for waste sorting and recycling, with a recycling rate of about 65%. Also, we have successful cases with German customers. Encouraged by the national policy, our German customer decided to start a plastic recycling business last year, mainly recycling some waste plastic shopping bags. He looked online for manufacturers to buy machines and found us.

Our factory has produced and sold plastic recycling machines for more than ten years and has rich experience. After the sales manager understands the customer’s needs, he makes several different quotations. Facing the customer’s problem, we effectively solve it. Finally won the trust of the customer, and now the plastic granulating line has been shipped to Germany.

Global cases of plastic pelletizing line around the world

Shuliy plastic recycling machines are exported to more than 20 countries. They are used to recycle all kinds of plastic waste. Our customers have very good feedback about Shuliy plastic recycling machines and services. Please see the following successful cases.