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A plastic film dryer machine is one of the most important devices in the plastic recycling process. It will remove the water from the plastic scrap, some customer would like to prepare more than one plastic scrap dryer machines, which match their washing tanks in order to make much cleaner plastic chips.

Application of plastic film dryer machine

The plastic dryer is installed at the end of the pool and has the function of drying. A vertical dryer is mainly used for drying crushed and cleaned plastic film, waste woven bags, plastic bags, and other materials. In the process of plastic granulation, the plastic entering the plastic pellet machine must be dry, so plastic drying is an essential piece of equipment in the plastic granulation line. The dried plastic pieces will enter the pellet extruder through the automatic belt conveyor.

Working principle of plastic dryer

The plastic film dryer is single-powered, transported upright and equipped with a diversion device. There is a high-quality filter screen inside the plastic dehydrator. The filter screen rotates at a high speed during operation, and the plastic is dehydrated by high-speed centrifugal force. The working speed of the equipment is 900-1500r/min. Shuliy Machinery supports customized services. The accelerator can be added according to customer needs to increase the plastic scrap dryer machine speed.

inside structure of plastic dryer
inside structure of plastic dryer
structure details
structure details

Parameters of plastic drying machine

The hot selling models are SL-500 and SL-600, we will recommend the fittable model for you according to your demands.


Plastic film dryer machine factory display

The plastic drying machines are now fully stocked and ready for immediate shipment. If you are interested in the recycling machine, welcome to consult us, we will send you a machine quotation as soon as possible.

Choose one waste plastic processing line

The dryer machine is always used in the plastic pelletizing line and PET washing line, it always connected to a washing tank to dry the plastic sheets in time. The number of the dryer and washing machine can be decided by your plastic cleanliness

plastic film dryer machine and washing tank