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PP PE plastic film pelletizer machine combines functions of crushing, compacting, melting, and extruding all in one single step. Shuliy Group has manufactured plastic film pelletizing machines for over 20 years and helped many recycling plants start their businesses and obtained great profits.

In addition to pelletizing waste plastic films, the pelletizer machine can also pelletize PP PE woven bags, cement bags, raffias, plastic packing bags and so on. The end products of the plastic pelletizer machine are recycled pellets or granules, which can be directly used in pipe extrusion, plastic manufacturing, film blowing and plastic injection.

Working principle

Extrusion system: the extrusion system of the plastic film pelletizing machine includes screw, barrel, hopper, head, and die, the plastic is plastified into a uniform melt through the extrusion system, and under the pressure established in the process, it is continuously extruded out of the head by the screw.

  1. Screw: is the principle of film pelletizing machine constitutes the most important parts, it is directly related to the scope of application of the extruder and production efficiency, made of high-strength corrosion-resistant alloy steel.
  2. Barrel: a seamless metal tube, generally heat-resistant, pressure-resistant high strength, strong wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant alloy steel or alloy steel lined with a composite steel pipe.
  3. Hopper: the bottom of the hopper is equipped with a cut-off device, in order to adjust and cut off the flow of material, the side of the hopper is equipped with a view hole and calibration measurement device.
  4. Head and mold: the head consists of an alloy steel inner sleeve and carbon steel outer sleeve, the head is equipped with molding die.

Transmission system: In the principle of the woven bag pelletizer machine, the role of the transmission system is to drive the screw, supplying the screw in the extrusion process required torque and speed, usually by the motor, reducer and bearings, and other components.

Heating and cooling devices: Nowadays, the woven bag pelletizer machine usually uses electric heating, which is divided into resistance heating and induction heating, and the heating piece is installed in each part of the body, neck and head. Heating device from the outside to heat the plastic inside the cylinder, so that it warms up to reach the temperature required for the process operation. Cooling device is set up to ensure that the plastic is in the temperature range required by the pelletizing process.

Working video of pelletizer machine

Technical specifications

Screw diameter125mm150mm180mm200mm220mm
Spindle speed50-70/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min
Main motor power30kw37kw55kw75kw90kw
  • CE certification is available.
  • Shuliy Group offers more pelletizer machine models with larger power and output based on your request.

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plastic granulating machine
woven bag granulator
plastic pelletizer
plastic film pelletizing machine
Pelletier machine

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