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Plastic bottle crusher is a machine mainly used for the professional crushing of waste plastics such as waste water bottles, plastic bottles and oil cans. The main feature of this water bottle crusher is that it has a new improvement in the discharge structure, which can effectively achieve the crushing of waste pet bottle flakes. It is one of the important machines of the complete PET recycling line.

Introduction of plastic bottle crusher

At present, as white pollution becomes serious, more and more countries have begun to advocate the recycling and reuse of waste plastic resources. In the recycling of PET plastic bottles, a plastic bottle crusher is a very important piece of equipment, which is also called a water bottle crusher and PET bottle shredder, etc. The plastic crushing machine can efficiently crush waste plastic bottles and crush them into evenly sized PET flakes.

plastic bottle shredder
plastic bottle shredder
plastic bottle shredder
plastic bottle shredders in factory

Raw materials and final products of PET crusher

The plastic bottle crusher is used to crush PET bottles, including mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, oil bottles and so on. The special blades of the crusher are designed against the static electricity generated by the friction of the PET flakes. The final flakes are even and ready to be processed.

Working principle of plastic bottle shredder

The operating principle of our PET bottle crushing machine is easy to understand. The crushing cavity inside the fixed knife and moving knife, based on the changes in the cut between the two blades to form a shear angle on the plastic bottle, then the plastic bottle will be crushed by the blades.

blades of PET crusher
blades of PET crusher
blades shaft (inside structure)
blades shaft (inside structure)

PET bottle crushing machine parameters

Capacity (kg/h)500100015003000
Motor (kw)22377590
Height (m)
Thickness of the knife (mm)30404040
Plate thickness (mm)16203030

In addition, the range of screen mesh size of plastic shredders is 14-18mm; each shredder will have a feeding elevator with a power of 1.5kw. The thickness of crushing chamber of the plastic bottle shredder machine becomes thicker as the model of the machine becomes larger.

Advantages of PET bottle crushing machine

  1. Shuliy’s plastic bottle crusher has a spiral discharger at the bottom of the machine, which can automatically push out the crushed plastic bottle pieces through the spiral conveyor, and quickly form a washing and drying line production with the rinsing equipment under the action of the lifting plate.
  2. The plastic bottle crusher increased the forced feeding device, which can effectively enter the cavity of the plastic bottle for forced crushing. The forced feeding device can effectively prevent the material back out while improving the efficiency of crushing.
  3. Shuliy plastic bottle shredder blade design is unique, which can effectively avoid the shear plastic bottle force caused by excessive power and spindle jamming phenomenon, reducing the phenomenon of jamming. The PET bottle crushing machine with those blades will ensure long and stable operation.

Video of plastic crushing machine

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Shuliy Machinery provides a whole recycling washing line for waste PET bottles. The core equipment includes plastic bottle crusher, rinsing tank, PET friction washing machine and hot water washing tank. We also support customize machines for customers’ demands. Consult us or leave your messages on our website now.

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