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Plastic baler machine is a common machine in plastic recycling plants and stations. Shuliy Group provides plastic balers with imported high-quality steel plates and other imported accessories to improve work efficiency and long service life, which are popular in the market.

Application of plastic baler machine

This waste plastic baling machine has diversified functions and can be used for baling various kinds of raw materials such as waste cartons, waste PET bottles, oil drums, bags, cartons, plastic boxes, films, old clothes, textiles, wool, cotton, straw and so on.

raw materials of plastic baler
raw materials of plastic baler

Structure features of plastic baler machine

Waste plastic baling machine structure
Waste plastic baling machine structure
  • The hydraulic pump, solenoid valve and hydraulic cylinder oil seal of the hydraulic system are imported parts, which makes the packing pressure high, fast, and very low noise at the same time.
  • The conveyor system adopts high-quality thickened steel and high-strength steel plate-type conveyor belt, which makes the plastic baler sturdy and long service life.
  • The plastic baler machine is equipped with a safety alarm system, the machine will automatically stop and alarm when the equipment is misoperated, the power supply is out of phase, the pressure is high, etc.

Advantages of vertical baler machine

The hydraulic pressure plate adopts thickened pressure plate, which has a good effect.

The size of the material box can be customized, and the compressed materials can be lined with stainless steel.

The handle switch pushes the lever inward and presses it down automatically, pulls the level out, and lifts it up automatically.

The high-pressure cylinder oil pipe will not release pressure during use, and the sealing ring has good sealing performance and will not leak oil.

Plastic baler machine display

plastic baler machine
plastic baler machine
plastic baler for sale

plastic baler for sale

Parameters of plastic baler for sale