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The plastic float sink tank is one of the most popular machines in the plastic bottle recycling line, which is also called the PP PE separating tank. The separating tank uses different plastic densities to reject PP or PE bottle caps, thus selecting clean PET pieces and ensuring the purity of the product.

PET bottle washing machine application

Generally speaking, recycled PET bottles will be sent into a PP PE separating tank after crushing. Because of plastic bottle caps are made from PP or PE, it is necessary to separate them from PET chips. Only after the clean PET material is separated, the next process of cleaning can be started.

Factory display of plastic float sink tank

Why do you need a plastic float sink tank ?

Most of the beverage bottles and mineral water bottles are made of PET plastic, and PET plastic is 100% recyclable material. Therefore, both PET plastic and rPET (recycled PET plastic) can be recycled to make new products again, such as clothing, carpets, industrial products and new plastic bottles.

After the plastic bottles are pulverized, they need to be de-pulverized and thoroughly cleaned by PP PE separating tank, which is done to obtain a single variety of PET plastic flakes. Instead of a plastic mixture interspersed with PP or PE flakes. The pure PET plastic is reconstituted into raw plastic particles in a mold and finally used for the production of new products. Therefore, it is necessary in a PET bottle recycling plant.

Plastic chips washing machine working principle

The pet bottle washing machine uses water as a medium to separate the PP and PE caps from the PET flakes, meanwhile, it can also clean the PET flakes. When the crushed plastic bottles enter the machine, the plastic bottle caps whose density is lower than that of water will float on the water surface.

Because the plastic bottle caps are made of PP and PE material, they both have less density than water, so they will float on the water surface, while the denser PET bottle pieces will sink to the bottom, which is one of the easiest and effective ways to separate clean PET material.