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PET flakes friction washer is used to clean dirty plastic flakes, it is one of the necessary equipment for plastic recycling processes, and mainly for PET plastic bottle cleaning lines. The plastic friction washer can be equipped with a material conveyor belt according to the customers’ needs, and the size can be customized.

Introduction of PET flakes friction washer

The plastic bottle washing machine is an efficient PET bottle flake cleaning equipment. In our standard PET cleaning line, this high-speed washing machine further scrubs the plastic flakes with cold water after the material has been hot washed.

When the plastic washing machine is working, the internal screw rotates at high speed, and the fast rotation causes the contaminants attached to the plastic sheet to fall off and break down into small particles. The plastic bottle washing machine’s internal screen tube is used as a dehydrating device to filter contaminants. The cleaning time of the plastic can be adjusted according to the degree of contamination.

Working principle of PET flakes friction washer

The center of the machine has a high-speed rotating shaft with many blades. Around the shaft is a screen for filtering contaminants. The shaft rotates at approximately 1,000 revolutions per minute. The material is cleaned by high-speed friction and water is continuously sprayed onto the screen to prevent clogging.

A large rectangular shell is wrapped around the outside of the PET flakes friction washer. The whole machine is inclined about 15 degrees, the dirty material goes in from the lower part and the clean bottle pieces come out from the higher part and then go to the drying stage.

Structures of plastic washing machine

The body of the plastic friction washer consists of a mainframe, motor, stand, water inlet, feed inlet and discharge outlet. When installing the plastic friction washer, you can tilt the machine at 45 degrees so that it maximizes friction and brings out impurities and contaminants.

The plastic bottle washing machine has a fine mesh filter at the bottom, a high-speed rotor inside, a removable screen, and multiple nozzles, which will spray water onto the screen to continuously bring out contaminants and dirt. The contaminants and dirty water are then discharged through the perforated screen and collected at the bottom.

inside structures of  plastic bottle washing machine
inside structures

The final products of plastic friction washer

The plastic bottle washing machine is used to clean crushed waste plastics, such as plastic bottles, agricultural land film, cement bags, nylon, paper mill and packaging plant waste. After the plastic flakes are cleaned by the washing machine, they will become clean and transparent.

Advantages of plastic bottle washing machine

  1. The PET flakes friction washer effectively separates impurities and thoroughly dissolves attached stains. The plastic friction washer can remove stains up to 90%, improving the efficiency and quality of the entire plastic bottle recycling line.
  2. Additional washing detergent can be added during the cleaning process, which can provide powerful rinsing to improve the glossiness of the finished products.
  3. The PET flakes friction washer automatically cleans the screen by filling it with water for high-quality continuous operation.
  4. The plastic washing machine is easy to maintain and subsequent maintenance is almost cost-free, saving money for customers.

Parameters of plastic friction washer

Out Layer4mm4mm
Blade thickness6mm6mm

Plastic friction washers are common in plastic cleaning systems. They are suitable for working after the plastic has already passed through the hot washing machine and rinsing tank. Apart from that,there are also many other different methods to match washing equipment. Shuliy Machinery can design solutions to match the appropriate plastic cleaning equipment to the customer’s raw material.

PET bottle washing line
PET washing line
PET washing plant
PET washing plant

Place an order of PET flakes friction washer

Delivery times are 30 days for all standard stand-alone machines and 60-90 days for custom equipment or complete lines. Actual delivery times depend largely on the complexity of the project and the number of units we actually order.

Feel free to contact us now to discuss pricing and ordering details. Above is a brief description of the equipment ordering process.

What can Shuliy Group do for you?

  • Pre-sales service: provide you with plastic recycling project planning, process design, develop a set of suitable machine and equipment program, in addition, according to your special needs, design and manufacture products, and for your technical operation training;
  • In-sales service: The sales manager supervises the whole process of making, loading and delivery of the machine, communicates with the customer about the machine in time, accompanies the customer to complete the acceptance of the equipment and assists the customer to install the machine.
  • After-sales service: we provide online video installation teaching service, if necessary, the company can send technical personnel to the scene to guide the installation of equipment, and training for operators. In addition, except for wear and tear parts, the machine quality assurance maintenance within one year.