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This PET bottle label remover machine is suitable for plastic bottles such as PET mineral water bottles, cola bottles, oil bottles, etc. The PET bottle remover machine can quickly separate the labels on the plastic bottles from the bottle body. The use of the label removing machine can replace people to remove labels, solving the problem of low efficiency of manual label removal. The high efficiency of the equipment will meet the large production volume requirements of the PET bottle recycling line.

PET Bottle Label Remover Machine

Application of PET bottle label remover

Final effect of plastic label removing machine

How does a PET bottle label remover work?

There are two important steps in the work of label removal. One is the off-standard link, which consists of the off-standard cylinder, the main shaft, the movable knife on the shaft and the fixed knife on the cylinder wall. The blades are all made of hard alloy knives with sharp tips, and the bottle body peels off the label through contact with the blades during the process of being pushed.

The second step is separation. The devices required for this step mainly include a separation box, the main fan, and an auxiliary motor. The plastic labels are separated by the wind. The machine has high working efficiency, and the drop rate is as high as 99%.

PET bottle label remover factory display

label removing machine
PET bottle label remover machine
PET bottle label remover
PET bottle label remover machine
PET bottle label remover machine
plastic label remover

Advantages of label removing machine

  • The cutting tools of the PET bottle label removing machine use imported alloys, which are wear-resistant and have a long use time. The cutting blades can be adjusted and replaced, so there is no need to worry about the drop rate of the machine.
  • The plastic label-removing machine uses a dual-power exhaust fan, which has strong power and low noise.
  • The motors have a thermal protection function, they do not generate heat after long-term use, and the use time is long.

Parameters of PET bottle label remover machine

Length (m)4.3
Width (m)0.63
Power (kw)15+1.5
Outer wall thickness (mm)8
Label moving rate99%

The above model SL-50 is our best-seller, in addition, we also have other models with larger capacity. If you are interested, welcome to consult us, we will introduce the PET bottle label remover machine details.

Label removing machine video

In the video, you can watch how a label removing machine does its job, if you are interested, welcome to subscribe to our Youtube channel, we will update videos of plastic recycling machines.

The necessity of label removing machine

From the point of view of the process of producing plastic bottles, the bottle body, cap, and plastic label are completely produced separately. Although they are all plastics, the types are different, mainly because of the plastic coefficient. Among them, the bottle body is PET, the cap is generally PE, and the plastic label is PVC. Therefore, to ensure the quality and purity of recycled plastics, they should also be recycled separately during recycling.