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Shuliy Machinery focuses on developing and producing plastic recycling machinery. Our company was established in 2011, in more than ten years of operation, Shuliy Machinery has always adhered to the mission of \"letting Chinese machines change every corner of the world\". We do everything possible to provide value to customers, let our recycling machines help customers in production and operation, improving recycling efficiency, and create higher profits.

Plastic Recycling Lines

Shuliy Machinery now has several complete plastic recycling lines for different materials of waste plastics. These include waste plastic film granulation line, PET bottle crushing and cleaning line, PP PE hard material pelletizing line and EPE EPS foam recycling line.

Plastic Film Washing Line

Shuliy Group offer the most efficient recycling machines for plastic film recycling. Whether your materials are PP, PE, PVC or other plastic films, our plastic film washing line will fulfill.....

Plastic foam pelletizing line

Plastic Foam Pelletizing Line | Expanded Polystyrene Recycling Machine

Shuliy plastic foam pelletizing line mainly cope with waste plastic foams, the waste plastics will be crushed and then turned into small plastic pellets, which can be reused as packaging.....


Plastic Granulating Line | Plastic Bag Recycling Machine

The PP PE plastic granulating line is also called the plastic pelletizing line. It is used to recycle various common plastic films in daily life, including plastic packaging bags, pp.....

PP PE flake recycling line

Plastic Recycling Granulating Line | PP PE Barrel Drum Recycling Plant

This plastic recycling granulating line is mainly used for the recycling and granulation of hard waste plastics. The main equipment of this plastic recycling plant includes plastic crushing machine, washing.....

Product Category

Our plastic recycling machinery has a wide range of applications and can handle almost all waste plastics. You can choose the corresponding machine according to the material of the plastic you want to recycle.

Plastic Cleaning&Drying equipment

To ensure the quality of recycled plastic pellets, we need to ensure that the raw materials are clean and dry. Therefore, washing and drying are essential steps in plastic recycling.

Plastic Crushing Equipment

Crushing is the first step in the waste plastic recycling process. Shuliy machinery provides different crushers for PP PE materials and PET materials.

Plastic Pelletizer

Pelletizing is the core step of plastic recycling and we offer the best plastic pelletizing equipment, including PP PE pelletizing machine and EPE foam pelletizing machine.

Why Choose Us

Industry Leader

Shuliy Machinery specializes in plastic recycling and manufacturing and continues to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Guarantee Product Quality

Ensuring product quality is the foundation of our services, and we will continue to optimize product performance to create greater value for our customers.

Support Personalized Service

We support product customization service, adjusting the machine according to the actual needs of customers to maximize the satisfaction of demand.

Global Cases

Our plastic recycling machines are used all over the world, and most of our products are exported to various countries in Europe, America and Africa. Our customers always have confidence in the quality of our machines.

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We want more people to know about plastic waste, making more people recycle it and know how to get started.