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The plastic shredder for recycling is used to crush rigid plastics, such as plastic pipes, plastic drums, plastic lumps and so on.

Features of industrial plastic shredder machine

  • Strong crushing ability. Hard plastics usually have high compression and wear resistance, and the plastic shredder specialized in crushing rigid plastics can cope with these characteristics and effectively crush hard plastics into small particles.
  • Durable knives and worn parts. In order to cope with the high hardness and abrasion resistance of hard plastics, the plastic shredder usually adopts high-quality knives and wear parts to ensure stable operation for a long time.
  • Stable operation. The crushing process of rigid plastics requires more power and more stable operation, so these crushers are usually equipped with powerful motors and stable control systems to ensure efficient and stable crushing operation.
  • Professional design. In order to adapt to the characteristics of rigid plastics, this type of industrial plastic shredder machine is usually designed professionally, including the structure of the crushing chamber, feeding mode, knife arrangement, etc. Before leaving the factory, each shredder machine will do a dynamic balance test to ensure that the blade meets the quality requirements.

Parameters of plastic shredder for recycling

Power30 kw45 kw55 kw
Knives material 60Si2Mn60Si2Mn60Si2Mn
Knive qty 10pcs 10pcs 10pcs 
plastic shredder parameters
  • Shuliy plastic shredders are all CE certificates.
  • We offer a larger model shredder machine based on your demands.

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