The new type of waste plastic extruder machine, also known as plastics granulator and plastic pelletizer machine, it can turn dry plastic fragments into recycled plastic pellets. It is mainly composed of a main machine, secondary machine, cooling water tank, pellet cutting device, distribution control cabinet and other auxiliary equipment, which is the main equipment for plastic recycling.

Structures of PE pelletizing machine

This plastic extruder machine is mainly composed of a feeding port, screw press, press chamber, heating device, discharge port, mold head, reducer, and other parts. This plastics granulator is the main machine in the plastic recycling line and can handle a variety of plastic materials. Depending on the material to be pelletized, the diameter of the screw inside the machine, the distance between the screw and the barrel wall and the length of the screw are different. Therefore, one plastic pelletizer machine cannot process multiple materials at the same time.

granulators in plant
granulators in plant

Different head dies of plastics granulator

The die head of the plastic extruder machine has three types. They are electric gear die head, automatic slag filter and hydraulic die head. Customers can choose the right die head according to their needs and budget.

Parameters of plastic pelletizer machine

The model is named after the screw diameter of the PE pelletizing machine, for example, the screw diameter of model 180 is 180mm. Among those following types, model 210 is the most popular in the market for its large output and proper price. If you are interested, welcome to consult.

Screw diameter105mm125mm135mm150mm180mm210mm220mm
Spindle speed50-70/min50-70/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min
Main motor power18.5kw30kw37kw37kw55kw75kw90kw
Reducer hard gear200225250250280315330

How does a plastics granulator work?

Precautions of plastic extruder machine

Before using the plastics granulator, there are some precautions you need to know. This can better ensure the overall performance of the plastic pelletizing machine and extend the service life of the product.

  • The operator must be careful not to put metal objects or hard objects into the machine, otherwise it will damage the plastic pellet mill. Do not place objects that may fall in around the feed opening.
  • The operator must control the temperature during the dosing operation. Generally, the temperature of the main screw of the plastic pelletizer machine is set at about 200 degrees, and the temperature of the auxiliary screw is usually set at about 160 degrees.

Successful case of plastic pelletizer machine

Recently, Shuliy Machinery has exported plastic recycling machines to Ghana. Our customer watched our machines’ videos and decided to purchase a set of them. After communicating with our sales manager Sunny, they decided to buy one plastic pelletizer machine and one pellet cutting device. Nowadays, our customer in Ghana has received our machines and began their production.

Yesterday they sent us a working video and expressed their gratitude to us, they said the plastics granulator had a great capacity which could totally meet their demands. The following machine shows the packaged plastic pelletizer machine and a feedback video from them.

plastic granulator machine sent to Ghana
plastic granulator machine sent to Ghana

Feedback video from Ghana customers