Ethiopia is an important importer of plastics for African countries. Ethiopia’s current plastic consumption is high, over 38,000 tons/year. Because of the lack of plastic recycling technology and plastic recycling experience, the plastic recycling business in Ethiopia is rare, only 30-40% of plastic waste can be recycled each year.

For example, according to statistics, there are more than 50 bottled water companies in the Ethiopian market, they sell about 3 billion bottles of water per year. In contrast. There are only about ten plastic bottle recycling businesses, and only two of them use hot wash processing to obtain higher-quality PET flakes. These two higher-quality recyclers only produce products for export.

plastic waste

There are many more business opportunities for plastic recycling business in Ethiopia in the market. For example, businesses such as plastic granulation and plastic bottle crushing and cleaning recycling would be very Especially those plastic recyclers who use hot wash processing, clean PET bottle flakes have many uses and there are many companies that are recycling at high prices, so plastic recyclers are very profitable and plastic recycling creates high-quality raw materials for domestic manufacturing and export materials in Ethiopia.

Shuliy plastic recycling has manufactured plastic recycling machines for over ten years, we can provide high-quality plastic recycling machines for Ethiopian recyclers. We provide plastic granulators, plastic crushers, plastic hot washing machines and so on. For PET bottle recycling, we have a complete PET crushing and washing line, and for waste PP, and PE, we provide plastic pelletizing lines.

Shuliy Machinery has exported many machines to Ethiopia already. In November 2022, we just shipped two plastic pelletizing lines to Ethiopia. The plastic recycler in Ethiopia bought two granulators, crushers, washing machines and so on. If you are interested in starting a plastic recycling business in Ethiopia, contact Shuliy any time. It is a great pleasure to cooperate with our Ethiopia friends.