A PET flakes hot washing machine is used to steam the bottle chips at a high temperature to soften the oil, glue, etc. on the plastic surface, and then rinsed with hot water. After cleaning and removing water, the PET bottle flakes will reach the standard of first-class clean flakes requirement and can be made into fiber raw materials.

PET flakes hot washing machine application

Shuliy Machinery specializes in the production of PET bottle flakes hot washing machine, which is one of the important cleaning equipment in the PET beverage bottle cleaning line and is widely used in the waste plastic recycling industry. PET flakes are repeatedly cleaned in boiling hot water and depending on the customer’s needs, cleaning agents can be added to the machine to effectively disinfect the plastic flakes and further remove labels, oil stains, and other hard-to-remove stains from the plastic.

Advantages of plastic scrap washing machine

  • If customers need to use the hot washing tank outdoors, our engineers can add a rock wool insulation heating protection layer on the outside of the machine when producing the machine, so that the outdoor temperature change will not affect the temperature in the tank, which will ensure the cleaning effect of the plastic hot washing tank.
  • Shuiy Machinery provides two kinds of heating methods, electric heating and steam heating, customers can choose according to their own situation.
  • The PET bottle flakes hot washing machine uses circulating water in the cleaning process to ensure the cleaning effect while reducing water consumption, which can save resources, and effectively reduce costs for customers.
  • The plastic scrap washing machine uses a high-speed centrifugal cleaning system, the paddle used to stir the plastic sheet to operate at a suitable rotational speed, and the corresponding impact on the material strength is proper which will make the cleaning effect is good.

Hot washing tank plant diplay

hot washing tank
hot washing tank
plastic washing tank in plant
plastic washing tank in plant
PET Flakes Hot Washing Machine
PET flakes hot washing machine

PET bottle flakes hot washing machine parameters

The model SL-500 is the most popular type of hot washing tank, its diameter and height are all proper for most plastic recycling plants. However, if you are interested in other models, welcome to consult us, our sales manager will reply to you as soon as possible.

Ourter thickness4mm
Bottom thickness8mm
MaterialCarton steel
Heating methodElectric and steam