A plastic chips dryer machine is efficient plastic recycling equipment. The cleaned plastic pieces are dewatered and dried at high speed by the dryer before they enter the plastic granulator to start granulation. So the plastic dehumidifying dryer plays an important role in the process of waste plastic granulation. It is an advanced automatic auxiliary equipment for plastic recycling.

Plastic dryer machine application

This plastic dryer machine is suitable for hard plastic materials like PP barrels, drums, baskets, toys, bottles, and so on. A horizontal dryer is always used in the plastic drum granulating line for drying crushed plastic chips before granulation. Moreover, the plastic dewatering machine is also applicable to the PET bottle washing line. In the last step of the recycling process, PET chips will be removed water by the plastic dryer, so that those dried plastic flakes can be packaged.

Advantages of plastic chips dryer machine

  1. The plastic dewatering machine has wide applications, which can effectively help to dewater various crushed plastics, such as PET bottles, PE flakes, PP flakes, etc.
  2. The plastic dehumidifying dryer has a good dewatering effect and low power consumption. In addition to dewatering, the horizontal dryer can also filter out the sand and other microscopic debris attached to the surface of the plastic flakes.
  3. The sieve inside the plastic dryer machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, the rotor and the body are made of anti-rust material, and the whole equipment is durable.
  4. The plastic chips dryer machine structure is designed very reasonably, the staff can easily open the body and timely remove the impurities left on the screen inside the horizontal dryer, and the daily maintenance method is simple.

Technical data of horizontal dryer

Outer diameter550mm
Filter hole diameter4mm

Horizontal dewatering machine display

The horizontal dewatering machine’s shell can be customized, generally gray or blue, and can also be adjusted according to the specific needs of customers.