Plastic shredder machine, as one of the most important plastic pelletizing line machinery, is a popular product in Shuliy Group. This time, our client from Tanzania bought a shredder of SL-800 type for his plant. We are very happy to cooperate with him.

Machine shipment video

Customer needs

This customer from Tanzania is the owner of a plastics recycling company and they needed an efficient plastic shredder to process waste plastics. The customer wanted to quickly and efficiently pulverize waste plastics into small pellets for subsequent recycling.

Shuliy’s solution

We recommended our SL-800 Plastic Pulverizer to the customer, which has powerful pulverizing capacity and efficient working performance to meet the customer’s needs. The machine is made of high-quality box plate and knife frame materials to ensure its stability and durability. Meanwhile, it is equipped with 5 blades (3 movable and 2 fixed) and a control cabinet, which is convenient for customers to operate and control the machine.

Plastic pelletizing line machinery
Plastic pelletizing line machinery
  • Customer’s region: Tanzania
  • Purchased Product: Plastic Shredder
  • Model: SL-800
  • Box plate thickness: 30mm
  • The thickness of fixed blade holder: 50mm
  • Number of blades: 5, of which 3 can be moved, 2 fixed
  • Equipped with a control cabinet

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