Congratulations! Shuliy plastic pelletizing line have been exported to Tanzania recently. The customer in Tanzania will use the equipment to produce PE pellets in his own company.

packing and delivery of recycling machines
packing and delivery of recycling machines

Why did the customer need a plastic pelletizing line?

Customers have a recycling company that recycles all kinds of plastics and rubber. Recently he started a new business with pure PE scrap as raw material. He found us while browsing machine manufacturers online. After learning that we are a manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience, the customer decisively contacted us.

Why did customers choose Shuliy Group?

After our sales manager Sunny received his messages, she replied to him as soon as possible. After communicating with the customer, Sunny knew the customer’s raw material is PE and recommended the plastic pellet machine with corresponding parameters to the customer. Due to Sunny’s enthusiasm and professionalism, he quickly built up trust with the customer. Finally the customer placed an order for a plastic pellet making machine, a pellet cutter and so on. We also gave the customer an extra hob knife pellet cutter, a set of cutters inside the pellet cutter and 100 pieces of mesh.

Details of plastic pelletizing machines

PE film granulatorModel: SL180+150
Reducer model: ZLYJ280+ZLYJ250
Screw dia:180+150mm
Screw length: 2.5+1.3m
Die headHydraulic model1
Cooling tankThe water tank is used to cool the plastic pellet and send the pellet to next step-plastic cutting machine.
Length: 4m
Pellet cutterThis machine is used to cut the plastic strip into small granules and the size of the granules can be adjusted as your requirements.
Power: 3kw
Stock binPower:1.5kw