Congratulations! We just exported a complete plastic pelletizing machine to German. The machines have been loaded and delivered to German already.

Details of German customer

The plastic recycling industry in Germany is developing very well. With the encouragement of the national policy, our German customer decided to start a plastic recycling business last year, mainly recycling some used plastic films and so on. He found our website while browsing the web, and our sales manager recommended to him the right model of pelletizing machine according to the customer’s output, along with a complete plastic pelletizing line including a cooling tank, a pellet cutting machine, and a storage bin.

Display of plastic recycling machines

The color of plastic recycling machines can be customized by customers’ demand.

Why did German customers choose us?

Shuliy Machinery has been manufacturing plastic recycling machines for more than 10 years and has rich experience in manufacturing machines to provide customers with one-stop recycling solutions.

Due to some special reasons, the customer could not visit the factory in person. Sunny, the account manager, sent pictures of the factory and machines to the customer to show the strength of our company, and finally won the trust of the customer.

Details of customer’s plastic pelletizing machine

Because the raw materials of the customer are plastic films and bags, the crushing machine is matched with an automatic feeder, which will send the light plastic films much easier. The heating methods of the plastic granulator machine are electromagnetic heating for the host machine and heating rings for the second extruder, which is recommended by our sales manager for its high efficiency. 

 Plastic crushing& washing machineModel: SL-600
Power: 22kw
Capacity: 500-600kg/h
Knives: 10pcs knives
Material: 60Si2Mn
 Auto feederPower:2.2kw1
 Pellet making machineHost pellet-making machine
Model: SL- 150
500 reducer 
2m screw
Electromagnetic heating 

Second pellet-making machine
Model: SL- 150
Power: 15kw
400 reducer
1m screw
Heating ring
 Water tankLength: 3m
Material: stainless steel
Pellet cutting machinePower: 2.2kw1
Bagging machineModel: SL-30
Power:1. 1kw
Storage binPower: 2.2kw
Capacity: one ton