Congratulations! A plastic washing recycling line for LDPE films was shipped to Inodesia in 2023. We are looking forward to the successful recycling business of our customers!

Project overview

The customer in Indonesia wants to process the plastic raw material is crushed LDPE film material. We customized the screen size of the plastic drying machine according to the customer’s raw material, so that the screen size avoids the leakage of material.

We customized the recycling solution and machine for the customer, and the moisture content of the finished product after drying is less than 0.5%. The plastic films will be pelletized in a pelletizer machine then. The customer was satisfied with our program and placed the order soon.

Details of washing recycling line for LDPE

Location: Indonesia

Purpose: clean LDPE pieces

End product size: 1cm

End product humidity: under 0.5%

Year: 2023

Raw materials: waste LDPE films

Main recycling equipment: plastic washing tank, plastic drying pipe

Load and delivery of plastic washing recycling line