Congratulations! Ghana customers chose Shuliy plastic shredder machines recently, they purchased two plastic crushers for shredding waste plastic bags and other PP PE films.

Ghana customer background

Our Ghanaian client runs his own local company, established in 2003, providing general engineering services. He offers a wide range of services from fabrication, installation, sandblasting/spraying/coating, industrial insulation, cladding, etc. Recently, as the company was growing, he wanted to start a new plastic recycling business and planned to buy a few machines to try out first and see if he could make a profit.

How did customer find Shuliy Machinery?

After searching online, he was attracted by the plastic recycling machines on our company website, so he took the initiative to contact our business manager Sunny. he told the manager that his raw material was used plastic bags and he wanted to use them to make recycled plastic pellets. But because he had no experience, he wanted to buy the shredder first to understand the quality and performance of the machine. If our machine satisfied him, he would buy the complete plastic pelletizing line later.

Details of Ghana plastic shredder machine

The model of SL-600 is a moderate type of crushers with proper capacity and size, the sharpener machine can help the plastic shredder has a longer life.

Plastic crusherModel: SL-600
Power: 22KW
Capacity: 600-800kg/h
Stationary blades: 4 pcs
Rotary blades: 6 pcs
Blade material: 60Si2Mn
Body material: 20mm A3 Carbon steel
Feeding size: 600*500mm
Shaft diameter: 110mm
Screen diameter: 24mm or customize
Weight: 1 ton
Sharpener machineModel: XHR-7001
Extra bladesTwo sets (one for soft plastic, one for hard plastic)2

Pictures of Ghana plastic shredder machine