Our customer is from Nigeria and after much deliberation, they chose our plastic pelletizing recycling machine as their primary equipment. Now all the recycling machines have arrived in Nigeria.

cooperation with Shuliy Machinery
plastic pelletizing recycling machine installed in Nigerian plant

Recycling machines for HDPE plastics

Emily, our Business Manager, first made contact with this customer in Nigeria. Through in-depth communication and understanding, we gained a better understanding of the customer’s needs and the plastic waste they planned to process. The customer’s waste was mainly plastic waste made of HDPE, which was not a problem for us as our plastic recycling machines are capable of processing a wide range of plastic types.

Emily understood that the customer was planning to invest in a complete plastic pellet production line to meet the growing market demand. This line included a plastic pelletizer, plastic shredder machine, washing tank, dryer, and conveyor. This decision provided the customer with a one-stop solution for producing high-quality plastic pellets from plastic scrap.

Installation site of plastic pelletizing recycling machines

Due to the need to install numerous pieces of equipment, the customer turned to us for help. Our technical team flew to Nigeria shortly afterward to assist the customer with the installation of the equipment. This cooperation was full of challenges, but our team and the customer worked closely together and overcame all difficulties. All the machines are now fully installed.

Start your own plastic recycling plant

We are proud to be a part of this plastic recycling program in Nigeria and will continue to provide sustainable plastic recycling solutions to more customers. If you are also interested in the plastic recycling business, please feel free to contact us.