Here is the latest case of a PET plastic bottle recycling plant shipped to Nigeria! Customers in Nigeria placed an order for a complete plastic bottle crushing and washing line including a PET bottle crusher, plastic bottle label removal machine, plastic bottle washing tank, and so on. They will use those machines to begin a new recycling business. We are all looking forward to successful running in the near future!

Plastic bottle recycling plant shipped to Nigeria
Plastic bottle recycling plant shipped to Nigeria

Plastic bottle recycling plant shipped to Nigeria

The main equipment of the recycling plant is as following for your reference. All the machines have been shipped to Nigeria already. We are looking forward the plastic recycling plant’s later running.

Machine listFunctionQty
Label removal machineRemove the PVC labels on the plastic bottles1
PET bottle crusherCrush PET bottle into small flakes2
PP PE PET separating machineSeparate PE PP caps from PET flakes and wash flakes2
Hot water washing tankClean the PET plastics 1
main equipment of the plastic bottle recycling plant

Feedback video of PET plastic bottle recycling plant

Why choose Shuliy as plastic recycling machine supplier in Nigeria?


Shuliy Machinery is the top plastic recycling machine supplier. We integrate manufacturing and exporting. Since 2011, we have been in the plastic recycling machine industry. After more than ten years of research and development, Shuliy has core technologies to provide professional plastic recycling machines to customers all over the world.


Shuliy Machinery has exported many plastic recycling machines to Nigeria, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Germany and many other countries, which are all well received. Shuliy project managers are strictly selected, and they will provide you with customized localization services.


Our project consultants will understand your requirements in depth and respond to you patiently and promptly throughout the process. When your machine starts shipping, they will take videos and pictures to keep in touch with you.

Once the machine is delivered to your country, we provide video instructions for installation, and if needed, we will arrange for an engineer to travel to your country to assist with the installation of the plastic bottle recycling plant.

feedback from customer
feedback from customer

How to start a plastic recycling business in Nigeria?

  • First, confirm your raw materials and need. (PP, PE, PET, or other plastic types)
  • Second, get in touch with Shuliy Machinery
  • Third, discuss one solution with our sales manager
  • Fourth, place your order and begin machine shipment
  • Fifth, install the plastic recycling plant in Nigeria
  • Sixth, start your plastic recycling business in Nigeria