Plastic bottle crusher machine factory in Nigeria processes a number of recycling projects. As far as we know, the major projects are as follows.

Plastic Waste Collection: The plastic bottle crusher machine factory coordinates with sources of plastic waste, such as households, businesses, schools, etc., to collect various types of plastic waste, including bottles, bags, containers, etc.

Plastic Sorting: Recycling facilities sort and separate the collected plastic waste into different categories for further processing and recycling.

Plastic Shredding and Cleaning: Waste plastics are shredded by crushing machines and then undergo a cleaning process to remove dirt, grease, and other impurities. This prepares the plastics for subsequent processing.

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Plastic Pelletization: Clean plastic particles are fed into plastic pelletizer machines, where they are transformed into pellets suitable for producing new plastic products through the application of heat and pressure.

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Plastic Reprocessing: Some recycling facilities may engage in additional processing to manufacture recycled plastic products such as bags, containers, pipes, and more.