Congratulations! Shuliy Machinery shipped PET bottle recycling machine to Nigeria ini 2023, now the whole plastic bottle recycling line started running successfully. Our customers are delighted of our recycling machines.

Plastic bottle recycling project in Nigeria

The raw materials of the recycling plant are plenty of waste plastic bottles without plastic labels. Those plastic bottles are processed by bottle label removing machines first. The plant want to produce pure and clean PET chips and then sell them to the global market.

After communicating with our professional sales manager, they purchased a plastic bottle crusher and a plastic washing tank. belt conveyors and so on. Now all the recycling machines for PET bottle arrived in Nigeria.

Installation site in Nigerian PET bottle recycling plant

Shuliy’s engineers went to the recycling plant to assist with machine installation.

The following pictures are the installation site of PET bottle recycling machines.

PET bottle recycling machine
PET bottle washing tank
plastic bottle shredder machine
belt conveyor for recycling
a picture taken in a break time

Operational PET bottle recycling machines

After the recycling plant finished installation, workers started to process the bottles.

They obtained the high-quality PET chips by the recycling machines and are very satisfied.

Video of installation site