Our customer from Nigeria bought the Shuliy plastic pelletizing machine for sale last month, they chose the double-stage extruder, therefore, the machine is also called the mother-baby pelletizing machine. Shuliy group has packaged and shipped the machines to Nigeria. We will update the latest news of the installation.

Plastic pelletizing machine for sale shipped to Nigeria

The customer in Nigeria has a plastic recycling plant and his raw materials are HDPE and LDPE, like plastic baskets, plastic toys and other plastic waste. He needed plastic pelletizer machines to turn the waste into plastic pellets. to The customer bought machine models SL-150 and SL-125 for his output needs. Moreover, he also bought our plastic dewatering machine and pellet cutter machine.

All the plastic recycling machines have been shipped to Nigeria from Qingdao port. We will provide online guidance when the installation starts.

plastic pelletizing machine for sale
plastic pelletizer

Mother-baby pelletizing machine introduction

Mother-baby pelletizing machine means the plastic pelletizing machine for sale has two stages, the plastic will be melted more thoroughly after two layers of heating, and the granulation quality will be better.

Usually, we recommend our customers choose electromagnetic heating for the first layer and ceramic or heating ring for the second one, which ensures the quality of the recycled pellets and reduces the plastic pelletizing machine price. Our customer in Nigeria is also using this combination.