This success story showcases how Shuliy’s HDPE plastic recycling pelletizing machine brought substantial benefits to a plastic recycling factory in Nigeria.

HDPE Plastic Recycling Project

Nigeria, like many other countries, faces the challenge of managing plastic waste effectively. Plastic bottles, particularly HDPE plastic bottles, contribute significantly to the waste stream, posing environmental hazards and leading to pollution.

One owner of a plastic recycling factory found us and try to choose one plastic recycling machine to recycle their HDPE plastics.

Recognizing the demand and output of the customer, he decided to partner with Shuliy and invest in his own pelletizer machine.

Once the order was confirmed, Shuliy promptly delivered the plastic pelletizer machine to the Nigerian recycling factory. The installation process was smooth, and the factory was ready to start their recycling operations without delay.

Feedback of HDPE Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Machine

As the HDPE plastic recycling pelletizing machine went into action, the Nigerian client was pleased to witness its excellent performance. They sent a working video to Shuliy, expressing their satisfaction with the machine’s capabilities. The recycled HDPE pellets produced by the pelletizing machine met and even exceeded our customer’s expectations.

HDPE Plastic Recycling

Pelletizing Machine Working Video

For more information about Shuliy’s plastic recycling pelletizing machine and how it can revolutionize your plastic recycling business, welcome to contact us by using the form on the website. Our sales manager will be happy to wend you machine details.