As many PET bottle recyclers know, PET bottle flakes can obtain a great profit in the global market. However, recycled PET flakes have many different levels, how to produce the highest level and gain the most profit? Recycling PET waste in a strict process and choosing the right PET bottle washing recycling machine are the key points.

Raw material selection and preparation

The first step in producing high-quality recycled PET flakes is to select the right raw materials. Select PET raw materials that meet the standards to ensure their quality and purity. Generally, plastic recycling plants use PET plastic bottles as raw materials.

plastic bottles with labels
plastic bottles with PVC labels

When carrying out the recycling, they must first remove the PVC label with a plastic bottle delabeling machine to ensure that the final PET bottle flakes are pure PET. If the product is mixed with other plastic materials, the quality of PET flakes will be greatly reduced, and then, the profit of PET bottle flakes will also be reduced.

Crushing of PET bottles

Crushing plastic bottles is a key step in the production process of recycled PET flakes. The plastic bottles are crushed into small pieces, in the middle of which the PP PE caps will be crushed at the same time, and these PP PE pieces will be removed in the next step of cleaning and sorting.

plastic bottle shredder
best plastic bottle shredder machine for sale

Cleaning of recycled PET flakes

Cleaning and sorting plastic bottles is also an essential step in the production of recycled PET flakes. Using plastic sorting and washing machine to separate the PP PE plastic ensures the purity of the final PET flakes.

The plastic bottles are also thoroughly cleaned with PET bottle washing recycling machine to remove dirt and residues from them. For raw materials with more oil and dirt, we recommend using hot washing method to treat the raw materials.

recyclied PET flakes

Drying and packaging of recycled PET flakes

After cleaning and sorting, the recycled PET flakes need to be dried. Ensure that they remain dry and clean for subsequent storage and transport. The recycled PET flakes are quickly dried using a dryer. Finally, the bottle flakes can be packaged using a packaging machine.


After a number of strict operations, producing high-quality PET bottle flakes is not a difficult task. From raw material selection to recycling line configuration, every step is crucial. By following these steps and considerations and using PET bottle washing recycling machine from Shuliy Group, you will be able to produce the best quality PET bottle flakes to meet market demand and contribute to a sustainable plastics recycling economy.