Shuliy Machinery, as a professional plastic recycling equipment manufacturer, mainly produces all kinds of plastic recycling products, including PP PE plastic crusher machine, PET crushers, plastic pelletizer machines, and so on.

Plastic Shredder Machine
plastic crusher machine

PP plastic crusher is the equipment we have been producing for many years, after the company’s technical department summed up the past production experience, combined with very professional advanced technology to achieve quality improvement, higher output, and higher crushing efficiency, in addition to the appearance of the machine has also been greatly improved.

Necessity of plastic crusher maintenance

We have a lot of foreign customers who have bought our plastic crusher machine, after using it for a period of time, our business manager will prompt them to give the machine maintenance and some use matters, the purpose is to maximize the performance of the equipment, extend the service life of the machine so that the PP plastic crusher to us to create greater revenue. Here we introduce you to the daily maintenance of the crusher.

Maintenance tips for plastic crusher machine

PP plastic crusher machine should be carefully checked for loose bolts before starting the machine, check whether each line connection is normal.

The operator should check the dryness and wetness of the raw materials before feeding. The plastic film crushed with high humidity will stick to the screen of the crusher, and the plastic will be held into a ball, and the fan cannot blow so the output decreases.

The operator should maintain a uniform speed when feeding to ensure that the machine can operate steadily and prevent the occurrence of phenomena such as jamming.

When using the plastic crusher, pay attention to should prevent wood, metal, bricks, screws, stones and other debris into the machine to prevent bad screen and blade.