No matter what kind of machinery, working for a long time will produce failure, and improper operation methods will affect the life of the machinery. Of course, the pellet cutter machine is also the same. Granulator is mainly used to cut recycled plastic, often used with a plastic granulator machine. Compared to other cutting machines, the workload of the pellet cutter is higher.

pellet cutting machine
pellet cutting machine

So, how can companies protect the life of the plastic pellet cutter without affecting the output? Shuliy Machinery will introduce you some precautions of using a plastic pellet cutting machine.

  • In the case of granulator hob alignment, the centerline of the hob coincides with the centerline of the tooth blank, the two tangent points of the hob tooth groove on the left and right sides of the blade and the tooth blank are symmetrical, and the intersection of their engagement lines is on the centerline of the hob and the tooth blank.
  • Cutting machine work, you need to pay attention to the water temperature in the cold pool, the water temperature is low is easy to make the plastic break, the temperature is high will make the plastic easy to stick, just start the machine can first add half of the hot water to test the temperature. After the water temperature exceeds 60 ℃, you need to add cold water to the inner circulation to maintain the temperature.
  • When a plastic pelletizer cuts pellets, it is important to straighten the plastic strips and then send them evenly to the rollers, otherwise, it will damage the plastic pellet cutting machine.
  • Workers should clean the plastic pellet cutting machine regularly, the part without painting needs to apply anti-rust grease, which can avoid rust and oxidation.

Regular and reasonable maintenance can extend the use of the plastic pellet cutting machine and ensure its efficiency. Feel free to contact Shuliy Machinery for specific details of pellet cutter and plastic recycling machines.