As an important machine in a PET bottle recycling plant, a PET bottle flakes hot washing machine plays a key role in cleaning and purifying plastic bottles. Shuliy Machinery has helped over 20 plastic recycling plants design and supply PET washing recycling lines that help plastic recyclers produce economically profitable PET flakes.

In this article, we will introduce the advantages of the plastic bottle hot washing tank to help you understand why it is a powerful tool for improving the quality of recycled plastics.

hot washing tank
PET bottle flakes hot washing machine

Thoroughly cleans and removes contaminants

The PET plastic scrap washing machine uses high-temperature hot water washing to thoroughly clean the surface of plastic bottles of dirt and contaminants. By soaking and rinsing in hot water, the rotating setting inside the tank is able to clean the hot water evenly to each plastic piece, effectively removing grease, residue and foreign matter that adheres to the bottle walls.

Such a thorough cleaning process ensures the quality of the recycled plastic and allows it to meet strict quality requirements.

The plastic scrap washing machine can thoroughly clean and remove contaminants

High-temperature sterilization to ensure hygiene and safety

Another important advantage of a hot wash can for plastic bottles is the high-temperature disinfection feature. During the washing in a PET bottle flakes hot washing machine, the high temperature of the hot water kills bacteria and microorganisms, ensuring the hygienic safety of the plastic bottles.

This is especially important for industries that require high hygiene standards, such as food and beverage. With high-temperature disinfection, recycled plastic bottles can achieve a level of hygiene comparable to new plastic bottles, providing a safe and reliable packaging solution.

Energy saving & reduce production costs

The PET bottle flakes hot washing machine not only has an excellent cleaning effect but also can realize energy savings and environmental protection to reduce production costs for the PET bottle recycling plant. The equipment minimizes energy consumption through hot water recycling and heat recovery technology.

The plastic scrap washing machine not only reduces water consumption but also saves the energy consumption of heating water. Meanwhile, the heat recovery system can recycle the waste heat from the discharged hot water for heating the incoming water source, further reducing energy consumption.

Such an energy-saving and environmentally friendly design not only reduces carbon emissions in the production process but also reduces production costs and enhances the economic benefits for the PET bottle recycling plant

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