Choosing the right capacity for a PE PP film washing line is important to ensure efficient and cost-effective operation. Today, Shuliy Group will provide some factors to consider when selecting the capacity of your plastic film washing line.

Quantity of your raw materials

Type and quantity of input materials: Consider the volume and type of plastic waste materials that need to be processed, because this will affect the required capacity of the plastic film washing line. The higher the input volume, the larger the washing line capacity required.

If you have a large amount of waste plastic film and need to process 100-500kg of waste plastic film per hour, we suggest you choose a ten-meter-long rinsing tank and a plastic shredder with an output of 600-800kg/h. If your output is more than 500kg/h, we suggest you buy two or three rinsing tanks to match the plastic film cleaning line, which can meet the demand of large output and ensure the cleaning effect.

waste plastic films
waste plastic films

Production goals

What are your production goals? Determine the production goals in advance, such as the amount of end product required per day or week, and choose a PE PP film washing line capacity that can meet those goals. A larger capacity washing line may be more efficient and have lower operating costs per unit of output than a smaller one. Also, the capacity is related to your raw materials quantity.

PE PP film washing line
PE PP film washing line

Plant space

How much available space or area can you use to place these plastic film washing machines? This is a an important question for plastic recyclers. The available space for the PP PE plastic washing line should also be considered when selecting the capacity. A larger plastic washing line requires more space and can be more expensive to install.

For example, one of Shuliy’s clients from Saudi Arabia has a large plastic recycling factory, and the plant space for his plastic film washing machine is more than 2000 square meters. He also bought Shuliy plastic granulator for sale, the final products of his plastic recycling factory are recycled PP PE pellets, which have a large profit in the international market.

plastic recycling plant in Saudi Arabia

Applicable budget

Budget is also an important factor for investors. The plastic washing machine price depends on the different models and capacities, the price will increase with a larger capacity. Therefore, if you would like to invest in plastic washing machines, the available budget should also be taken into account.

By taking these factors into consideration, it is possible to choose the right capacity for a PE PP film washing line that meets the specific needs and requirements of a business. It’s recommended to consult with an experienced supplier or consultant to determine the optimal capacity and configuration of the plastic film washing line.

If you are still confused to choose a PE PP film washing line ideal capacity, feel free to consult us right. You can leave your requirement on our website form right on our page, you can also contact us via Whatsapp or email, and our professional project manager will contact you and give your a customized solution as soon as possible.