We can hardly live without plastic bottles, like beverage bottles, and mineral water bottles are made of PET. Some bottles such as mouthwash and shampoo are also made of PET. But too many plastic products can affect our environment and recycling is necessary.

How to Recycle PET Bottles

There are many steps to recycling plastics. Here is a detailed step-by-step discussion to help you understand the process of recycling plastics. It is important to note that depending on the requirements and materials.

  1. Collection. The most important step in recycling plastics is the collection of plastic. Collecting plastic will be easier if your city has a policy of separating garbage. Keeping plastic away from regular garbage disposal makes the process easier.
  2. Sorting. Plastics are of different types and after collection, the next step is to sort the different types of plastics. In order to get clean PET flakes after recycling, plastic bottles are picked out from all types of plastic products.
  3. Delabeling. After sorting the plastic, the next step is to use a label remover machine to remove the labels from the plastic bottles. Because plastic bottles are made of PET, the labels are usually made of PVC.
  4. Crushing. The next step is to shred the PET bottles with a plastic shredder. This process helps to break the PET bottles into smaller pieces.
  5. Washing. After shredding the plastic, the next step is to clean the plastic. We offer various cleaning machines which help to remove all impurities such as oil stains, dust from the plastic bottle pieces.
  6. Drying. Finally, the clean plastic flakess are dried in a dryer and are ready to be packaged and sold.

Recycled PET flakes can be used to make a variety of products, such as reusable bags, sunglasses, packaging materials, various containers, etc. Shuliy Machinery provides a complete PET bottle recycling line for our customers, if you are interested, consult us anytime.