A plastic pelletizer machine is a necessary machine for plastic recycling plants, regular maintenance of the pelletizer machine can effectively extend its life and reduce costs. Therefore, regular maintenance of the machine is very important. Generally, maintenance is carried out once every six months, or after the working hours accumulate to 3000 hours. Its main content is as follows.

granulators in plant
granulators in plant

First of all, clean, wipe the surface of the plastic pellet machine dust and oil, and check whether there are loose bolts, if there are loose, immediately tighten.

Secondly, open the motor of the plastic pelletizer machine, and check the brush wear, if the wear is serious to replace the brush; check the rotor wear condition, if there is obvious wear, to send to the professional repair shop for repair. Clean the bearings of the motor and replace the bearings that have been seriously worn out.

Thirdly, disassemble and clean the screw, barrel, and head of the plastic pellet mill; measure the outer diameter of the screw; check the inner wall of the barrel and the mouth die for wear and scars. Trim the local scratches and burrs on the working surface until it is smooth without hanging material.

Finally, apply a thin layer of silicone oil on the surface of the head runner, which can protect the plastic pellet molding and make the melt extrusion easier when the machine is started again.