Both developed and developing countries, the circular economy continues to receive attention, of which, the plastic recycling industry can be said to be the sunrise industry. For many friends who have just started to invest in this project are more worried about a problem, that is, how should you choose the right plastic granulating machine, in the purchase of pelletizing machine before you should pay attention to those matters?

Shuliy Machinery has manufactured and sold plastic pellet machines for more than 10 years. Today we want to tell you how to buy a set of plastic granulating machine that is suitable for you.

plastic granulating machine

Decide the raw materials for recycling

General purpose plastics are mainly PP and PE, these two categories of raw materials can be found everywhere in the market, like pots, buckets, agricultural films, mulch, woven bags, etc. Plastic bottles PET can also be recycled. EPS and EPE foam materials are relatively small, but if there is more of this material locally, it is not a bad choice.

Collect information about plastic ing machine

First of all, it is very important to collect information in the beginning, so that you can have a certain understanding of the plastic pellet machine you want to buy. There are many ways to collect information of plastic granulating machine, first of all, you should search the relevant manufacturers on the Internet for a general understanding.

Secondly, we can visit the factory to examine the equipment on site and test its overall condition. Then we should communicate with the sales managers to understand the machine’s performance and the price. We can also learn about the after-sales service of their plastic granulating machine.

Decide the plastic pelletizer model and other auxiliary machines

There are various models of machines. Depending on your budget and expected output, you can decide the model and heating method of the plastic pellet machine, for example, induction heating will be more expensive than heating coil heating, and whether you need a mother and child machine or a main machine and two sub machines. Also, depending on your raw materials, whether you need a plastic crusher and a plastic washing machine.