A set of PET bottle washing machines were sent to Congo recently. This is very a piece of very pleasing news. The customer purchased a complete set of PET recycling equipment including conveyors, a label removing machine, a PET bottle crusher machine, washing machines and a dryer. directly Shuliy. This is a vote of confidence in Shuliy machines and Shuliy’s service. Please see details.

PET bottle recycling line

Why does the customer do this business?

The Congolese customer had a large number of plastic bottles made of PET that needed to be disposed of. The customer also operates a plastic recycling plant. The customer wants to upgrade his recycling facility for processing used plastic bottles. The end product – clean PET chips – could be sold as a commodity. The specific parameters of the PET bottle washing machines were matched specifically for this customer. The customer received the machines and is very happy with them.

Details of PET bottle washing machines

Belt conveyorPower: 2.2kw
Length: 4000mm
Width: 600mm
Label removerPower: 11kw+2.2kw
Size: 4000*1000*1600mm
Weight: 2600kg
PET bottle crusher Power: 11kw
Capacity: 300kg/h
Size: 1300*650*800mm
Screw conveyorPower: 2.2 kW
Length: 2500mm
Washing and separating machinePower: 3kw
Rubbing cleaning machinePower: 5.5kw
PET chips dewatering machinePower: 7.5kw
Size: 1300*600*1750mm

Why did the customer contact Shuliy Machinery?

After deciding to buy PET recycling equipment, this customer made a basic understanding of the machine and the manufacturer. Shuliy machinery is a well-known manufacturer in this industry. Also Shuliy has been producing plastic recycling equipment for more than ten years and has a lot of experience in exporting recycling equipment.

The customer learned some information about Shuliy on the Internet. Then he left a message on the website and contacted us through the contact information on the website, expressing his request for more details about the PET bottle washing machines. One of our senior sales managers got in touch with him and had positive communication.

label remover
PET bottle washing machines exported to Congo
plastic washing machine
PET bottle washing machines exported to Congo

In addition to PET plastic bottle recycling equipment, Beston also offers plastic pelletizing equipment that can process plastic raw materials including PP PE EPS and EPE. If you have a need for this plastic recycling equipment, please feel free to contact us. We will provide a satisfactory answer.