In recent years, there are more and more entrepreneurs in Africa who are engaged in plastic recycling, they have established many waste plastic recycling plants. Shuliy Machinery have exported a lot of plastic recycling machine to various countries in Africa, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Congo, Senegal, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana, etc. Due to the favorable price and superior quality, our machines are very popular in Africa.

What is the situation of plastic recycling in Africa?

Most African countries face the challenge of high plastic use, but recycling rate is low. For example, in Mozambique, the plastic waste collection rate is only 30 percent, all the waste collected is disposed in the dumpsite. 4 percent of them can be recycled. In Kenya, there are the same proble: only a small amount of plastic waste can be recycled.

plastic recycling machine

In many countries, shops were banned from distributing free plastic bags to customers, the objective is to reduce plastic products at source. Nowadays, faced with various plastic waste infestation, various countries and regions in Africa are actively adopting solutions. Many young entrepreneurs have started to engage in plastic recycling in Africa, they set up waste plastic recycling plants, and establish a complete plastic recycling chain and initiate a circular plastic economy.

Different types of plastic recycling machine

Plastic pelletizing plant

The plastic pelletizing recycling plant will process the plastic waste into pellets or granules. The main equipment of the plant includes a plastic crusher, washing machine, plastic pelletizer machine, and pellet cutter.

PET bottle crushing and washing plant

The PET bottle-crushing recycling plant is used to process waste plastic bottles into clean PET pieces. The PET bottle crusher and hot washing tank are important machines in the recycling line. All the recycled PET flakes can be used to make plastic products.

Why choose Shuliy plastic recycling machine?

Rich exporting experience. Shuliy Group has shipped various recycling machines to Africa, each of our customer was satisfied to the machines.

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