A complete PET bottle washing line shipped to Mozambique successfully last week. Our customers in Mozambique will use these plastic bottle recycling machines to produce small PET flakes. We will introduce the case for your reference, if you have the same requirement, feel free to contact us.

Why did the customer need a PET bottle washing line?

This customer is familiar with the plastic recycling business. He has a local plastic recycling plant that specializes in recycling PP PE and other waste plastics to produce plastic pellets. His plastic recycling plant is also well-equipped with a complete plastic pelletizing line and plastic granules making machine. He wants to start a new PET bottle recycling business by recycling PET plastic bottles in the next year.

Therefore, the customer started to search online for plastic recycling machine manufacturers and he saw our website. With his years of experience in the plastic recycling industry, he thought we were a professional plastic recycling machine manufacturer, so he left a message on the website, hoping to learn more about our machines.

PET bottle flakes washing line shipped to Mozambique

Our account manager Helen warmly received the customer and after understanding his situation and requirement, Helen recommended the plastic bottle recycling line to him and sent him the usage of each machine and the video.

Helen and our customer are discussing machine details

Parameters of PET bottle washing line machines sent to Mozambique

After communication with Helen, our customer trusted Shuliy Group very much, he finaly purchased our PET bottle flack washing line. The following data are machine parameters of the main recycling equipment.

Machine nameDetailsQty
Label removing machinePower:15kw+1.5kw
Diameter 0.63m
PET bottle crusherHeight:2.6m
Model: SL-80
PET bottle washing separating machinePower:3kw2
Hot water washing tankPower :60kw+4kw(electromagnetic heating)
Height: 2m
Frictional washing machinePower :7.5kw L3*W0.4m1
PET flake dryer machinePower:15kw
Size: L 2.5*W0.75m

Deliver PET bottle washing line to Mozambique

The whole PET bottle flakes washing line has been shipped to Mozambique already. Our sales manager Helen took many photos and videos for our customers. We will continue to monitor the shipment of the plastic recycling machines until they arrive at their destination. We will renew the installation of the PET bottle washing plant in Mozambique later.