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The main purpose of using a trommel screen when recycling PET plastic bottles is to perform material separation and screening to ensure that high-quality PET bottle flakes are obtained from virgin material.

Trommel screen introduction

The main function of this PET bottle recycling machine is material separation. Recycling of PET plastic bottles is usually accompanied by some impurities, such as stones, wood, weeds, metals, plastic bottle caps and so on. Tumbler screens separate these impurities from the PET plastic bottles, ensuring a clean raw material.

Trommel screen for plastic bottle recycling

Why do you need a trommel screen for bottle recycling?

Trommel screens are especially needed for PET bottle recycling lines with high production capacity to help recycling plants improve recycling efficiency. Suppose there are stones or foreign metal objects entering the subsequent recycling process. In that case, the internal parts of machines like plastic shredders and friction washers will be worn out, reducing the machine’s service life.

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The complete PET bottle recycling line includes plastic crushers, frictional washing machines, PET flakes hot washing machine and so on. The following photo is a PET bottle recycling machine designed for our Nigeria customer with a 500kg/h output.

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