Shuliy plastic recycling machine in Kenya is very popular and productive. In 2022, our customer in Kenya placed two orders for our plastic recycling machines. They are going to recycle plastic waste like PP, LDPE, HDPE, and so on. Now the machines have been shipped to Kenya. Let us see more details of the plastic recycling plant in Kenya.

Details of the plastic recycling plant in Kenya

The customers in Kenya bought our plastic crushers in May 2022. They have a plastic recycling plant and need to process waste plastic bottles. After they received our plastic crushers last time, they found they are easy to use and very productive. They gain a profit by recycling plastic bottles. Therefore, they would like to enlarge their businesses. They found our sales manager Apple and decide to purchase a whole plastic pelletizing line.

After discussing, we know their new raw materials are Ldpe and Hdpe nylon, PP woven bags and so on. Our sales manager recommends them the related equipment, including a plastic granulator, a pellet cutter, and a plastic pellet cooling tank.

Video of plastic pellet machines sent to Kenya

Our sales manager took a loading and delivery video of plastic recycling machines and sent them to our customers in Kenya. Welcome to watch the following video.

Loading and delivery of plastic recycling machine

The following pictures are the loading photos of plastic machine sent to Kenya.

Parameters of plastic recycling machine in Kenya

Auto feederMake raw materials enter the pelletizer machine
Plastic granulatorModel: SL-150
2.3m screw
Heat Method: electromagnetic heating (80kw)
Hard tooth surface reducer
Second pellet-making machine
Power: 11kw
Heating method: heating ring
Hard tooth surface reducer
Screw material: 40Cr
Sleeve material:heat-treated No.45 steel
Hydraulic die head
Cooling tankLength: 3m
Material: stainless steel
Pellet cutter machinePower: 3kw1

Why did the plastic recycling plant in Kenya choose us twice?

Because of the previous cooperation, this customer trusts us very much, so when they needed the machine this time, they still found the original business manager and placed the order quickly. We took a lot of photos and videos for the customer when the machine was loaded into the container and kept communication with the customer throughout the whole process until the machine arrived in Kenya smoothly.