The customer from Mozambique, in Africa, purchased Shuliy industrial plastic granulator last month. Now the granulator machine and other auxiliary machines have been shipped to Mozambique. We will provide our customers with online guidance to install the machines.

industrial plastic granulator

Introduction of industrial plastic granulator sent to Mozambique

This is the second time that the customer purchased our plastic recycling machine, the last time he bought a complete PET bottle washing recycling line. After he received the PET crusher, washing machines, and other PET recycling machines, he installed them immediately. Then they tried to test the whole recycling line and found it worked very nicely. Then the customer found our sales manager Hellen and asked for another pelletizing line and related machines.

Hellen is the sales manager who sold him that PET recycling line previously, they already trust each other and communicate the details of the industrial plastic granulator. This time, the raw materials are LDPE and HDPE. Because of the scale of the waste plastic recycling plant in Africa, the customer ordered two plastic granulators for sale. Moreover, the auxiliary devices include one plastic dehydrator, one pellet-cutting machine, and one cooling tank.

Brief introduction of waste plastic pelletizing plant in Mozambique

This is the details of basic information of the plastic pelletizing line shipped to Mozambique for your reference, if you want to know more details, welcome to consult us via WhatsApp or email. You can also leave a message on our website form.

Machine listIndustrial plastic granulator*2, granule cutter*2, cooling tank*1
Raw materialHDPE, LDPE
Final productrecycled plastic pellets
LocationMaputo port
Shipping fromQingdao port
Delivery time20-25 workdays

Shuliy Group provides the best plastic granulator machine for Africa

Facing more and more plastic waste, many plastic recycling plants have been set up in Africa these years. Such as Ghana, Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique and many other countries. Among these plastic recycling plants, there are plants to recycle PET bottles, and plants to recycle PP, PE, and PVC, most recycling plants would process more than one material.

Shuliy Group is a famous plastic recycling machine manufacturer in China and would like to help friends in Africa recycle plastic. We manufacture PP, PE pelletizing line, EPS foam pelletizing line, and PET bottle recycling line. Our recycling machines can process all kinds of waste plastic and help you start or enlarge your plastic recycling business.

If you are interested in the waste plastic recycling plant, feel free to contact us now!