Plastic scrap is becoming a valuable resource for recycled plastics in today’s increasingly environmentally conscious world. In Saudi Arabia, with proper handling and processing, recycling plastic into pellets is a wise choice and a hot trend for plastic recyclers, providing a sustainable raw material for the manufacturing industry.

What materials can be recycled into pellets?

HDPE and LDPE plastic bags

HDPE and LDPE plastic bags are common plastic waste products, such as shopping bags and packaging film. These plastic bags have good recycling properties and can be recycled through processes such as plastic shredding, washing and melting. The processed recycled HDPE pellets and LDPE recycled pellets can be used again to make plastic bags, garbage bags, water pipes and other products to achieve environmental recycling.

PP plastic containers

PP plastic containers, such as food packaging boxes and cosmetic bottles, have good recycling potential. After these scraps are crushed and cleaned with plastic, they can be transformed into recycled PP pellets with a plastic granulator machine for sale. With good heat resistance and chemical stability, the recycled PP pellets can be applied to manufacture various plastic products, such as household items and auto parts.

Process of recycling plastic into pellets

The video shows the process of recycling plastic into pellets in a plastic pelletizing plant in Saudi Arabia. The customers in Saudi Arabia bought our plastic granulator for sale and the whole set of machines have installed successfully with our engineers’ help.

Now the plastic granulator machine runs well in their plastic pelleting plant, the final recycled plastic granules are of good quality and good shape. Those blue plastic pellets can be sold at a high price in the global market.

Saudi Arabia plastic pelletizing plant

With Shuliy plastic granulator machine and the complete plastic granulating line, our customers started their businesses smoothly. The main equipment include a plastic granulator for sale, a plastic pellet cutter, a plastic film washing tank, a vertical dryer machine, a plastic shredder, a plastic pellets storage bin and so on.

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