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Shuliy Machinery, established in 2011, is a manufacturer of industrial plastic recycling machines. We offer recycling equipment for high-tech and large-scale post-customer, post-commercial and post-industrial plastic waste. Shuliy Group dedicates to providing value recycling solutions to customers, letting our recycling machines help customers in plastic granule production, improving recycling efficiency, and creating granules with higher quality and profit.


Our in-house R&D team of technicians and engineers have devoted themselves in innovative recycle machines of durability, efficiency and safety. With our constant pursuit of perfection, Shuliy Group is confident we can quickly and efficiently help our clients to start a new plastic recycling business. If you are already in the recycling industry, we can enhance your plastic recycle business to a new height.


Recycling Lines from Shuliy

Shuliy Machinery provides several complete recycling lines for different materials of waste plastics. These include waste plastic film granulation line, PET bottle crushing and cleaning line, PP PE hard material pelletizing line and EPE EPS foam recycling line. Choose one recycling system according to your plastic material.

plastic pelletizng line

Plastic Recycle Machine for PP PE Film Bag Pelletizing

Our plastic recycle machines are desiged to process PE polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE) and PP polypropylene material, printed and non-printed, including plastic packaging bags, food wrappings, PP raffia bags, woven.....

Plastic Recycling Granulating Line

Plastic Recycling Granulating Line for PP HDPE Plastics

This plastic recycling granulating line is mainly used for the recycling and granulation of hard waste plastics. The main equipment of this plastic recycling plant includes plastic crushing machine, washing.....

plastic film washing line

Plastic Film Washing Line

Shuliy's high-efficiency plastic film washing line is designed for post-consumer waste. It can process PE polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE) and PP polypropylene waste material, such as used irrigation pipes, garbage.....

PET Bottle Recycling Line

PET Bottle Recycling Line

Shuliy Machinery provides the most advanced plastic recycling washing machines. The main purpose of our PET bottle recycling line is to process PET bottles, such as mineral water bottles, cola.....

Innovative Recycle Machine

Our innovative recycling systems make plastic recycling extremely efficient and permanent profitable. We offer our customers recycle solutions by developing ingenious and reliable machines, they has a wide range of applications and can handle almost all waste plastics. For Shuliy, what we pursue is providing you machines with profitable processing and maximum efficiency.

Plastic Crushing Equipment

Crushing is the first step in the waste plastic recycling process. Shuliy machinery provides different crushers for PP PE materials and PET materials.

Plastic Pelletizer

Pelletizing is the core step of plastic recycling and we offer the best plastic pelletizing equipment, including PP PE pelletizing machine and EPE foam pelletizing machine.

Machine for Plastic Cleaning

Washing is an important process in the plastic recycling system. Removing the grease and dirt is always the fundamental step in many plastic recycling factories, it can improve your quality of plastic granules. Choose your washing equipment by the type of plastic you want to recycle.

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Why Choose Us

Offer Right Solution for Every Application

Whether your recycle materials are PET bottles, production waste, or post-consumer waste with heavily contaminated materials, they can all be recycled and transformed into plastic pellets. The decisive factor is recycling tech. Shuliy technologies are specifically designed for processing these recycled materials. Choose the most matched recycling system for your use case.

In-house R&D Team Guarantees Device Quality

Founded in 2011 as a pioneer to the industry, today Shuliy is the leader in developing and manufacturing plastics recycling machines and components. With our in-house R&D team, we are respected for the machines' unique level of durability and operational reliability. Currently there are more than 50 Shuliy brand pelletizing system in use wordwide.They produce 6000 tonnes of plastic pellets every year.

Support Personalized Service for Each Client

You can see for yourself the machines designed by your demands and materials. At the Shuliy China Technical Center in Zhengzhou, our technician will draw the 3D images and video to show the recycling machine customized for you. All the machine details and system component are visual, tell us whatever material you want to recycle, your plant area and experience our innovative 3D systems in action.

Choose Shuliy, Choose Higher Recycle Efficiency

Our plastic recycling machines are used all over the world, and most of our products are exported to various countries in Europe, America and Africa. Our customers always have confidence in the quality of our recycling machines.

Customer Stories Worldwide

We are very proud of manufacturing and installing recycling machines for over 50 countries, helping clients start their first recycling projects from ground up. Shuliy also assisted customers worldwide to expand plastic recycling plants with a higher output. Our machines are responsible of recycling more than 600000 tons of waste plastic each year. With our endless strive for precision and customer satisfaction, Shuliy Machinery has won the recognition as one of the leading manufacturer of plastic recycling industry.

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