Good news! In Côte d’Ivoire, the plastic recycling industry has grown significantly in recent years, and our client is one of the active participants in this trend. Recently, they successfully received the plastic recycling machine supplied by us, and soon the whole plastic pellet production line was successfully installed and put into production.

Cooperation with Côte d’Ivoire customer

In the beginning, the customer made a careful examination about choosing a recycling machine that suits their needs. After several communications and consultations, they decided to choose our equipment, which includes a plastic pellet making machine, a plastic crusher, a washing tank, a plastic pellet cutter, and a plastic dryer. This series of equipment makes up a complete plastic recycling production line, capable of producing high-quality recycled plastic pellets from waste plastic raw materials.

Plastic pellet production line working well

Their choice proved to be right. Now that the machine has been installed and put into operation, the customer is very happy with how the machine works. Through the video, we were able to witness the quality of the plastic pellets they produced. The plastic pellets are not only uniform in size, but also meet the high requirements of the customer and can be used to produce a wide range of plastic products.