For recycled plastic pellets suppliers, packaging, transportation, and storage are critical aspects of the recycled plastic pellet production process. They are directly related to the quality maintenance and market value of recycled plastic granules. Using a high-quality waste plastic recycling pelletizing machine can produce plastic granules with high economic value.

This article will introduce the importance of packaging, transportation and storage of recycled plastic pellets as well as the corresponding methods and points.

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PE PP film washing line
recycled plastic granules

Importance of packaging recycled plastic granules

Packaging of recycled plastic pellets not only protects them from external contamination and physical damage, but also extends their shelf life. Proper packaging can prevent moisture, dust, and other impurities from entering the pellets. Packing can also ensure the recycled plastic granules’ quality and performance are not affected. In addition, good packaging can also enhance the image of recycled plastic pellets and increase market competitiveness.

Suitable packaging material selection

After pellets production by waste plastic recycling pelletizing machine, choosing the right packaging materials is crucial for recycled plastic pellets. Common packaging materials include plastic bags, woven bags, drums and so on. Suitable packaging materials should be selected according to the pellet characteristics, storage environment and transportation distance.

The packaging materials should have the characteristics of pressure resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance and dust resistance to protect the integrity and quality of recycled plastic pellets.

plastic pellet production line
plastic pellet production line
plastic granules
plastic granules

Transportation points of recycled plastic pellets

The transportation of recycled plastic pellets needs to pay attention to some key points.

First of all, we should choose suitable transportation tools to ensure that the PP PE recycled plastic granules are not damaged or polluted during transportation. Secondly, we should control the temperature and humidity during transportation to avoid moisture or deterioration of the pellets.

In addition, arrange the transportation route and time reasonably to ensure timely delivery to the destination and reduce the detention time of the recycled plastic pellets.

Storage conditions and management of recycled plastic pellets

When storing recycled plastic pellets, attention should be paid to providing proper storage conditions.

Firstly, the storage environment should be kept dry, clean and well-ventilated.

Secondly, exposure to sunlight and high-temperature environment should be avoided to avoid deterioration or melting of the pellets.

In addition, regular inspection and management should be carried out to ensure the safety and tidiness of the storage area and avoid contamination by impurities and foreign substances.