How are plastic granules made? In today’s era of environmental awareness, the recycling industry plays a crucial role in mitigating plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices. One significant aspect of recycling is the production of recycled plastic granules.

This blog aims to shed light on the process of transforming plastic waste into valuable recycled plastic granules, highlighting the role and importance of plastic granulation machines.

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How Are Plastic Granules Made?

Collection and Sorting of Plastic Waste

The journey begins with the collection and sorting of plastic waste. Various types of plastic waste, including bottles, containers, and packaging materials, are gathered and separated based on their resin codes. This ensures that different types of plastic are processed separately, maintaining the integrity of the recycled plastic granules.

Shredding and Cleaning

The collected plastic waste is then shredded into smaller pieces to increase its surface area and facilitate the subsequent cleaning process. The shredded plastic undergoes a thorough cleaning process to remove any impurities, such as dirt, labels, or residue.

PET crusher
plastic crusher

Melting and Extrusion

Once the plastic waste is clean, it goes through a melting and extrusion process. The shredded plastic is melted and fed into a plastic granulation machine. Inside the machine, a precisely engineered screw and barrel system applies heat and pressure to melt and mix the plastic uniformly. The molten plastic is then forced through a die to form continuous strands.

plastic granulator for sale
plastic granulator for sale

Cutting and Cooling

The continuous strands of molten plastic are cooled and solidified as they pass through a water bath or air-cooling system. The solidified strands are then cut into small, uniform lengths using a pellet cutting machine. These cut plastic pieces are recycled plastic granules.

How Are Plastic Granules Made?

Recycled plastic granules find extensive applications in various industries. They serve as raw materials for the manufacturing of plastic products, including pipes, films, containers, automotive parts, and more. The use of recycled plastic granules not only conserves natural resources but also reduces carbon emissions and landfill waste. Now, after reading this article, we hope we have answered your question: how are plastic granules made?