Congratulations! Shuliy Machinery shipped a set of plastic recycling machines to Kenya in April 2022. The customer in Kenya will use the plastic recycling equipment to make PE plastic pellets,

PET washing line
plastic recycling machines exported to Kenya

Kenya customer’s recycling project

The customer is a plastic recycling industry practitioner and had a pelletizing machine in his factory and he wanted to add some equipment for crushing and cleaning plastics. So he found our website while browsing online, so he found our account manager according to the contact information on the website, and then started to ask about the machine.

Knowing that his raw material is HDPE, our manager recommended him a professional crushing machine, cleaning machine. After communicating the price and shipping, the customer quickly placed the order. The order includes a plastic crusher, a plastic rinsing tank, a plastic dryer machine, a plastic pellet cutting machine, etc.

Details of plastic recycling machines

Plastic crusherModel: SL-600
Motor power: 30kw
Capacity: 500-700kg//h
10pcs knives
Friction cleaning machinePower: 22kw1
Rinsing tank6*1.3*1.8m1
Drying machineModel: SLSP-500
Power: 15kw
Pellet cutting machinePower: 2.2kw
With variable motor and starter

Why did customer cooperate with Shuliy Machinery?

The customer learned about many manufacturers selling plastic recycling equipment and finally decided to buy Shuliy Machinery’s machines, see why this customer chose us.

  • Shuliyd’s plastic recycling line is fully equipped. Shuliy offers a wide range of machines with different functions, including a wide range of shredders, various washing machines, pelletizers and other equipment. These machines assist customers in producing high quality plastic pellets. The customer can do all his needs at once with us.
  • The sales staff is highly professional. Our sales team was very professional about the plastic recycling machines and could answer all the questions raised by the customer to help them solve the problem effectively. The sales staff responded to the customer in a timely manner, and good communication built trust between us.
  • Shuliy is responsible for after-sales installation. One of this customer’s main concerns was installation. We not only provide installation instructions but also provide one-on-one online guidance for our technicians to ensure good after-sales service of the plastic recycling machines.

Contact Shuliy to discuss machine details

Shuliy Machinery’s plastic recycling machines have been exported to many countries and regions in the world, if you need them, please feel free to contact us.Our sales manager will communicate with you about the details of the machine.