Globally, the plastic recycling business is becoming an important part of environmental protection. Due to the large amount of plastic collected, a factory in Ethiopia intends to start its plastic recycling program. Recently, they came to Henan, China, to our company and factory to seek a suitable plastic recycling machine.

At our factory, our project manager Helen warmly greeted the customers from Ethiopia, who not only has a wealth of knowledge about the plastic recycling industry but also has a good understanding of our plastic recycling machines. She introduced in detail the recycling machines involved in the plastic film pelletizing line, from the initial crushing by plastic shredder to the final production of plastic pellets, revealing to the customer the mystery of the whole process.

The Ethiopian customer gradually clarified their needs and project details during the in-depth communication with Helen. Based on their requirements, Helen recommended a customized plastic film pelletizing line to meet their capacity and product quality needs. The customer expressed great interest and satisfaction in this solution.

With the combination of a plant tour and professional guidance, our Ethiopian customers have gained confidence in our recycling machines and services. They realized that choosing the right partner would have a positive impact on their plastic recycling plant.

Within a short period of time, they placed an order and decided to purchase the plastic film washing pelletizing line recommended by us, laying a solid foundation for their plastic recycling business.

This visit and cooperation with Ethiopian customers is not only a successful start, but also a joint exploration and innovation. We are looking forward to establishing a long-term partnership with them.