Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a valued customer from Poland, an intermediary focused on finding innovative plastic recycling solutions and plastic recycling machinery for his customers.

On behalf of a network of clients committed to sustainable practices, he seeks a comprehensive plastic bag recycling line. This includes the key stages of washing, fragmentation and pelletizing, with the ultimate goal of creating high-quality recycled plastic pellets.

Stepping into our factory, our Project Manager Hailey warmly welcomed our guests from Poland. As a professional in the field of plastics recycling machinery, Hailey acted as a knowledgeable guide, ready to share insights and expertise.

With a desire to gain insight into plastic film recycling, the Polish customer had an insightful discussion with Hailey. A wide range of machinery involved in the plastic bag recycling process was presented, from washing systems to sophisticated shredding and pelletizing. Each step was uncovered, fostering a deep understanding of the entire process.

Our Polish customer was delighted with our machinery, the visit was very much in line with expectations and we look forward to working with this customer!